Su Kim is a Visual Communicator born in 1984 in Seoul, South Korea. She has been living and educated in Sydney, Australia. Su graduated Advanced Diploma at Billy Blue School of Graphic Art/Graduated Bachelor of Communication Design at Swinburne University. Recently completed Master of Art at Raffles College of Design and Commerce. Su is an active & energetic individual who loves to laugh & have fun in life. She is a girl with a thousand questions in her head with curious eyes & visions for the world. Su loves print&paper, play with infinite colours, typography is her sanctuary. Visualisation is her way of communicating with the world.

Su Kim currently works as the Project Manager at About my Brain & a Freelance visual communication designer in Sydney, Australia.

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Good morning Sydney, we are going to have a wonderful Sunday :D

#LeadeshipUpsideDown is coming soon!!


Screwdriver #ilovedoodle #doodle #everyday

I love all the #ilovedoodle #illustrations. Funny and simple. XD


Essential read

"The Modern Magazine features the best editorial design, looking in particular at how magazines have adapted to respond to digital media." This 240 pages hardback comes in september, possible to order now.

Published by fab MagCulture! (that says it all)

Very nice. Simple to the point.


Upcycling on Bond street? Oui, says Hermès with its Petit h exhibition

Porcelain tea pots and cups are refashioned into light fittings


Over the past few weeks I’ve run into a number of artists making awesome things with staples and decided to group them into on big post. All of the images above link to their sources, and there’s much more where these came from.

This type of work has always fascinated me. 


Must see: top graphics!

A must have for all you mag lovers out there »>

"Changing the world of editorial and information graphics."
A fab book about awardwinning graphics created by design director Francesco Franchi
Read here more about it and possibility to order

A year ago Coverjunkie asked Francesco about his favorite cover designs, a great read


Critic (New Zealand)

Sweet Critic mag from New Zealand

"Critic is the official student magazine of Otago University in Dunedin, New Zealand. It’s the country’s longest-running student newspaper, originally published in 1925. Today about 16,000 people read Critic every week, picking up a free copy from around campus and the city."


Japanese Infographic: Doppler Effect. Ryo Kuwabara. 2013

(Source: shirokuuma)


Advertising Age (US)

This weeks fun cover Advertising Age

Art by Joe Zeff Design

Editor: Abbey Klaassen
Art director Jesper Goransson


Variety (US)

Power of Women issue which focuses on women in the industry and their philanthropic efforts.

New cover Variety magazine

Creative Director / Chris Mihal
Art Director / Cheyne Gateley
Designer / Kevin Begovich
Designer / Vanessa Morsse
Designer / Andrea Wynnk 
Director of Photography / Bailey Franklin
Photo Editor / Janine Lew
Web Photo Editor / Daniel Doperalski
Photographers / Kurt Iswarienko (Pascal, Poehler, Theron, Washington), Rene & Radka (Kidman)


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